a promise to remember 

Bailey Horton, A Promise to Remember, Graphite and Acrylic, 2024

Bailey Horton is a visual artist and storyteller currently studying at Red Deer Polytechnic. She loves exploring the beauty in the ordinary through drawing, painting, and printmaking. She uses her mundane subjects as a jumping point to push the boundaries of what is possible in her own drawing and painting practice.

Her current work explores themes of connection despite space, the beauty of the mundane, and our right to self expression of the body. 

Bailey Horton, Acrylic and Oil, 2023
Bailey Horton, Leg Day, Graphite on Wood, 2024
Bailey Horton, Ink Figure Studies, Ink and Graphite, 2023
Bailey Horton, A Kindness Exchanged, Pencil Crayon and Graphite, 2024
Bailey Horton, Charcoal Landscape no.3, Charcoal, 2023
Bailey Horton, Floral Study, Oil on Fabric, 2024
Bailey Horton, Transition of Memories, Graphite, 2023
Bailey Horton, Melody: Held Hostage, Oil on Canvas, 2023